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Breathe Easy!

It’s time to breathe easy! Did you know that a healthy shelter environment requires a minimum of 14 full fresh air exchanges per hour? The mechanical systems required to prevent the spread of disease when housing a large number of animals together is nuts –

Meet Dexter!

Meet Dexter! She is a ridiculously cute, friendly, curious young cat. Like most cats, she has an independent streak, but loves getting and giving attention as well. Some family should come bust this lovely cat out of the shelter, as she will be an amazing

Another Successful Flight!

We want to send out a big thank you to Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc. for making another incredible rescue flight happen! On Tuesday, Dog is My Copilot flew into Friedman Memorial Airport and dropped off a big crew of dogs from a shelter i

Happy Caturday!

Happy Caturday! Here is a Happy Tails update from Floki (formerly Marcus), this one is from a while back but its too cute not to share! “We thought it would take a week or two for him to get along with the dogs, but they

Going Green!

Did you know there are some great systems in the new facility to help make us “green” 🌿☀💧! Geothermal, solar, efficient systems & building materials, low water landscaping – in a 40 year systems lifespan it all adds up to $1,574,655 of savings (~$40,000 per

Animals & Kids Enjoy a Fun Afternoon!

Last week we had sixty 3rd Grade students join us for a field trip at the Shelter! The afternoon was packed with learning about training dogs using positive reinforcement training and how to properly greet dogs, socializing with the adoptable cats, playing fun games, adding

Happy Adopt a Cat Month!

It’s Adopt a Cat Month! We’ll be celebrating our feline friends all month with special posts featuring our adoptables, fun cat facts, and more! Make sure to follow us on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

Zeus goes to the Library!

Zeus had a fun time this morning doing crafts with friends at the Hailey Public Library! His favorite part? Belly rubs and LOTS of attention from all of his new buddies that came to visit him 🙂 The Shelter is open until 4pm today, which

Your support helps animals & people!

When folks think “animal shelter” often the image conjured up is simply that – a place to house animals until a permanent home is found. Here at the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley, we’ve evolved into so much more than that – all because

We just passed $5,500!

We just passed the $5,500 mark on our #IdahoGives fundraising page – thank you! We could tell you all day how much we love you, but instead, we thought we’d show you…with more cowbell. Big round of applause for our most recent donors, you all