Water, water, everywhere

Last Thursday, Shelter staff walked into a rather unfortunate surprise. Water. And lots of it. The water was coming in from the ceiling in multiple places, but one of the worst was right over the adoption counselors’ computers – ruining some computers that were just purchased this year. The lights in several areas are shut off to prevent any electrical shorts, the adoption counselors are working out of a temporary trailer while the ceiling and roof are being fixed, and one side of the indoor upper kennels is closed and the dogs moved around so they can still enjoy warm and comfy spots to relax.

However, the Shelter is still open for adoptions, staff are in good spirits, and volunteers are helping keep the animals happy.
If you’d like to help, a donation to the Shelter can help mitigate the costs as we work to fix the damage!

After more than 35 years of hard use, clearly our current shelter is ready for a break. To learn more about the exciting new “animal adoption and humane education center” we’re building across the street, click here!