Meet Your Virtual Shelter Pet – Soldier!


Hi Friends!

My name is Soldier.  I’ve been at the Shelter for about 2 months now – & I’ve been told that the staff are totally stumped as to why I haven’t been scooped up yet (Nadia, in the top right corner, says I’m the best)!  I’m 5 years young with lots of love still to give – I’m well behaved and know my basic manners.  I would love a family who would take me for daily hikes – I love to exercise!  Oh, and I like hanging out with other dogs – so if they had a dog buddy for me to play with, I certainly wouldn’t complain!

If you could tell your friends, family, whoever is looking for a good hiking buddy, that I’m here and waiting – that would be great!

Oh!  And my friend Mike, a member of the Marmaduke Society, stopped by to say hi the other day – check out the video we made together!

Lots of love,