Testimonials / Stories

In memory of Sugarbear, Zelda, Ginger, Romeo, Juliette, Blueberry, Muffin, Jaws, and Paws, who have brought such joy to our lives, and all who shall follow them.

I came across Luna in an ad in the Mountain Express back in 2001 and picked her up on C Street in Shoeshone. She was one of a kind the love of my life:-) I couldn’t decide what to name her and I was driving back from Shoeshone to Ketchum around 9PM on 6/5/2001 and the sensational full harvest moon rose on the horizontal skyline … and Luna it was. Our 13.5 years together were joyful and spirited beyond measure. She had my heart from the start, marching to her own beat!

We always adopt shelter dogs. Koko & Newt are gone; we have Stella now.

We are saddened that our Tye, a Cattahoula Leopard Dog adopted from WRV shelter in 2012, finally succumbed to an un-treatable joint disease. He was the best dog…gentle, calm, he just liked being by your feet. We were so lucky to have given him a home for the many years that we had him, and the day he passed he was still wagging his tail. We thank you so much for the love you give to all these animals and the great homes you find for them. Keep up the great work.

With much gratitude,
The Townsend Family
Brooks, Jennifer, Bella and Cole Townsend

We adopted Parker (aka Spiderman) from your shelter in November of 2017. The staff was wonderful and held Parker for us while we drove from Park City, Utah to pick him up. He is a terrific pup and spreads love to all who meet him. Thanks again.