Robin Potts


After 17 years of experience with animals at the Sun Valley Animal Center, Robin became joined the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley team in 2006. Robin has discovered through her years of working with animals that she is happiest in a position working both with pets and the people who care so much for them.  As Lead Adoption Counselor, Robin’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the adoption staff and finding the best matches for animals and adopters.

Educating the public of all ages about animal welfare is an ongoing quest for Robin, and she is willing to frequently don the shelter mascot costume and become “Bernard” in order to achieve that goal, simultaneously entertaining and educating groups of school children.  She ensures that there are regular educational opportunities and community outreach initiatives, as well as facilitating field trips to and events for the Shelter, and managing the incredibly popular Adam’s Gulch Hikin’ Buddies program.

Robin describes her position as Lead Adoption Counselor as “a roller coaster ride.” The sad moments, such as witnessing people surrendering their pets, are balanced by the peaks, like witnessing the relentless support of volunteers and the community, as well as being a part of so many successful adoptions.

Robin moved to Sun Valley with her husband, Terry, in 1985 from Cook City, Montana (population 75!). She lives mid-valley with Terry, their two children, Adam and Josie, their cat Humphrey and their dog Ida, both recently adopted from the Animal Shelter.