Pet Surrender Information

Any resident of Blaine County may request the surrender of their pet to the Animal Shelter. However, as a private organization, we have the right to refuse any animal we deem not adoptable. An initial behavior profile will determine if the animal is healthy and non-aggressive. If the animal is obviously not in good health, we ask the visitor to bring the pet to a veterinarian for treatment and return to the shelter when the animal is healthy. It is extremely important that we screen animals for good health; we need to protect the health and well being of the general population living at the shelter.

If a dog is aggressive, we must refuse entry to the shelter. We urge the pet owner to seek behavior modification training or network with friends or family who might be capable of caring for the animal. We cannot accept aggressive dogs because we cannot return them to the community and risk the chance of endangering people or their animals.

We obtain pertinent information regarding the pet’s history, require they fill out a surrender form, and require proof they are a resident of Blaine County.

All surrendered animals are isolated from the general population until our Medical Care Supervisor can examine the animal, check the animal in, and create its medical file.

Surrendered animals are not available for adoption for at least 48 hours from their arrival at the shelter.

If you are currently looking to rehome your purebred pet there are many rescue organizations dedicated to assisting you, please click here for more information.