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Join our Animal Behavior and Training Coordinator, Hillary Hayward CPDT-KA, for a beginner’s adult dog training class that will not only be rewarding but fun for both you and your dog! All basic level obedience will be covered included in class as well as provide information about common behavior problem. Participants will learn positive reinforcement techniques to improve and maintain their dog’s behavior and obedience along with tips and tricks for a perfectly behaved pooch.

Sessions are six weeks long and are available throughout the year.

  • Tuition is $150 per dog, discounted to $100 for Shelter alumni.
  • Dogs must be old enough to have recieved a Rabies shot before coming to class and be current on all vaccinations.
  • All dogs must be spayed/neutered before the start of class. If interested in signing up for the Animal Shelter’s no-cost spaying/neutering program, please click here.
  • Classes are one hour, every week for six weeks. Classes are held throughout the year.

A note before you get started:

If your dog has demonstrated aggression, obedience classes may not be appropriate for your dog.  This class is designed for beginner’s basic obedience.  If your dog has a history of aggression or has injured a person or a dog, a classroom environment may not be appropriate for your dog.  If your dog does have any behaviors that resemble aggression, please e-mail Hillary (hillary@animalshelterwrv.org) with the information surrounding the behavior to discuss options to help you and your dog, so that the dog is set up to succeed in the appropriate environment.

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During training classes we may take pictures for Animal Shelter marketing purposes. By choosing "Yes", you are giving the Shelter permission to use these photographs in Shelter publications or advertising materials.

The Sawtooth Animal Center has generously donated the use of their space for Animal Shelter dog training classes. By choosing "Yes", you are acknowledging that you will be financially responsible if there is any damage caused to the property by yourself or your pet while attending class.

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