No-Kill Idaho 2025

The Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley is a “no-kill” shelter, which means that we will never euthanize an animal due to time or space constraints. We are dedicated to preventing animal suffering and cruelty, to providing safe animals for adoption, and to providing quality care for every animal entrusted to us.

You can read more about what "no-kill" means on our FAQ's page here.

Our success in making Blaine County a no-kill community is only the start – more than 8,000 dogs and cats are still euthanized annually in Idaho that we know of (not all shelters document and report their population numbers, so that number is likely much higher). This is a huge burden on the staff at these shelters and is a tragedy for the animals. No one wants euthanasia to be the solution for pet overpopulation but not all shelters have the resources or circumstances that allow them to become no-kill. And refusing to euthanize animals if you can’t house and care for them humanely, just to be “no-kill”, is not a humane solution.

Therefore, the Animal Shelter’s board of directors committed in its 2017 strategic plan to leverage our “expertise and resources to be a catalyst for the State of Idaho to decrease by 100% the number of healthy, adoptable animals euthanized in shelters by 2025.” In other words, our goal is to help make Idaho a no-kill state by 2025.

The new 30,000 square foot animal adoption and humane education center we are building in Hailey will be a critical tool for achieving this ambitious goal. To learn more about our plans, visit

Keys to No-Kill Success

The Animal Shelter's Regional Outreach Director, Nadia Novik, had the opportunity to present at TEDx Sun Valley about building a more humane community. Check out her presentation below!