Lea Johnson


Prior to working with the animal shelter, Lea gained two years’ experience as an outsourced nonprofit bookkeeper in Boise, ID. She is thrilled to be on the team! She left her three best paw pals in Kuna when she was offered the opportunity to serve at the Shelter. They are rescue animals Bones the McNabb, Zoey the Austrailian Shepard and Patches the 17-year-old Calico.

In her free time, Lea enjoys travelling, yoga, jogging, hiking, discussing free market economics, promoting study abroad, volunteering her lunch hour at the shelter by jogging with dogs. An avid traveler and study of foreign cultures, she’s lived in 4 other countries and has visited more countries than she has states. She earned her bachelors in international business administration with an emphasis in German and European studies in 2011 from Boise State University.