Animal Crackers

Here at the Animal Shelter, animals rely on all of us to help them to their new lives. That includes you! You can start making a difference for animals every single day. Check out the “How to Help” section for ideas to get your started. Watch “Crafting with Elena” to learn how to make toys for the dogs and cats to play with. Download coloring pages of current adoptable animals to share. Or, share this link with your teacher and ask them to schedule a field trip so all of your classmates can learn about animals too!

Do you want to get involved with helping the Animal Shelter? There are lots of ways to join in! Below are just a few options. Have other ideas that aren’t listed here? Get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Jenny, at

Hold a fundraiser and donate the profits to the Shelter.

-Hold a Shelter donation drive with your friends! Collect blankets, cat and dog toys, cat and dog food + treats, empty egg cartons, empty cereal boxes, socks, plastic bottles, and towels.

-Volunteer at the shelter- bring your parents with you and help walk a dog or socialize with a cat.

Shop and donate to the Barkin’ Basement.

-Tell your friends about the shelter – inspire them to want to come and visit!

-With your parents permission, “like and share” our pics and posts on social media.

-Make cat and dog toys (check out the video below for a how-to)!


-Make a fun video like this one made by Mr. Slonim’s class!


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Holding your own fundraiser, lemonade stand, birthday party, or something totally new for the Animal Shelter? Below are some materials for sign making and getting the word out! If you have any questions, or need more marketing materials, send us an e-mail at

Pre-Made Signs

Blank Poster

Fundraising Poster

Animal Posters



Crafting with Elena!

Follow along as youth volunteer, Elena, teaches you how to make dog and cat toys for Shelter animals or your own pets.

What you’ll need for making the dog toy:

  • Empty Plastic Water Bottle
  • Old Socks (or Stockings)

What you’ll need for making the cat toy:

  • Pair of Scissors
  • String or Ribbon
  • Old Toilet Paper Rolls or Paper Towel Rolls

Have an idea for a craft? Tell us! Send your idea to

Interested in bringing your class or group on a trip to the Animal Shelter? We’d love to have you! Please fill out the form below with as much information as possible. Jenny, the Shelter’s Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator, will get in touch with you once your request has been reviewed.

If you run into trouble filling out this form, please contact us at 208-788-4351.

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Possible Dates for the Field Trip (please provide at least two options):

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