Happy Tails Magazine – Summer 2015


Magazine | Summer 2015

Hello Fellow Animal Lovers,

For 33 years, your support has allowed us to help animals and people in our immediate community live lives filled with compassion and hope. Because of this great work the Humane Society of the United States recognized our Shelter as a leader in animal welfare in Idaho and awared the Shelter with a Pets for Life Mentorship and Training grant to provide direct, hands-on community outreach in Blaine County and the surrounding communities.

Because of you, the number of animals and people the Shelter reaches grows every year. Thank you for all you do to support compassion and kindness within this one-of-a-kind Valley.


Nadia Novik, LVT

Regional Shelter Outreach Manager

Doggie Day Jobs

Lucky and Terry

Working with kids in the Wood River Valley community

John, Kay, and Chance

Helping Veterans to feel better

Jimmy and Josie

Training to rescue lives on the mountain

“She always gives 110%, but with a 22% success rate.”


“I love the surprises we get from having a shelter dog! We had her for about 3 months when the snow finally melted and my son brought out a frisbee to play with. Ginger went crazy! I seriously think she was looking at us saying ‘what TOOK you guys so long to bring out my favorite thing!’ She always gives 110%, but with a 22% success rate in catching. It’s so fun to see her happiness and enthusiasm for the frisbee – I feel that it has made her new home complete. I love these special moments that can only happen when adopting an older pet!”

-Jennifer Barth, adopted Ginger in 2014