Foster Care Profile

Thank you for your interest in our Foster Program! Please fill out all sections below to begin the process of becoming a foster home for animals in need!

Section 1: General Information

Name of Animal (if interested in particular animal)

Which foster program would you like to participate in?
*All training, medications, & supplies are provided*

Will you require a foster animal that will need any special requirements?
(ex: has to be house-trained, has to be crate-trained, etc.)

Section 2: Foster Parent Profile



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Who will be primarily responsible for the care & supervision of the animal?

# Household Family Members:

# Adults:

# Children:

Ages of Children:

Name/Breeds of other animals in your household:

Where will this animal be kept when you are home?

Where will this animal be kept when you are away from home?

Where will this animal sleep at night?

Where will this animal ride in the car?

Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, please describe:

Are you familiar with local animal control ordinances regarding licensing and leash laws?:

Section 3: Foster Care Waiver

1. I am aware that animals are different from human beings in their response to human actions; that the actions of animals are often unpredictable and the ASWRV makes no representation as to the behavior or temperament of animal put up for foster. I hereby accept temporary possession of this animal at my own risk, and hereby release and waive any right against the ASWRV which I may have now for any damages to persons or property caused by this animal.


2. By providing a foster home for the animal in my care, I do understand that their stay in my home is only temporary and I will return the animal entrusted to me back to the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley at the time determined according to the Shelter Manager. If at some time during this foster I have a change in intent and wish to provide a permanent home for the animal in my care, I agree to go through proper adoption procedures as designated by the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley’s policies and procedures on adopting animals. I have read all of the above and by signing this waiver I agree to abide by all of its provisions and to permit an authorized representative of the ASWRV to inspect the animal and the premises where the animal is kept, and to permit the ASWRV to reclaim the animal, if in their judgment, it is not being cared for properly.


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