Community Cats

Here at the Shelter we are actively working to help manage, care for, and support the many cats who live in community cat colonies! From a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program, food and medical support, and more - our goal is to decrease the number of cats living in colonies responsibly.

Community Cats are felines who live within their own colony of cats. They may or may not be friendly with humans, but either way - they prefer to live outdoors throughout the year.

Stray cats that come into the Shelter are all evaluated for adoptability. Cats who are friendly and do well in the indoor environment are made available for adoption. Some of these cats are also adopted out as barn cats - they are adoptable, but may enjoy a part-time outdoor setting best. Cats who come from colonies are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, ear tipped and released in the location they were found.

With a little assistance cats can live comfortably (& happily) in the outdoors. As long as they are getting the essentials, the best thing you can do for them is let them enjoy their outdoor lifestyle!
Do you have cats on your property that need help in the winter? Click here for a tip sheet on how you can keep them healthy & happy