Cheryl Haas


Cheryl Haas & AbbeyCheryl is delighted to be part of the team at the Animal Shelter, being a voice for animals that can’t speak for themselves.  Her first rescue Golden, Mudbones, came with the house she bought when she first moved to Boise. He never met a mud puddle he didn’t like and he would amble down to the neighborhood Albertson’s to plop right in front of the door, welcoming shoppers. Her second rescue Golden, Red Dog, was the red-headed runt in a litter of blondes from a ranch in Midvale. Blind in one eye and with the biggest paws this side of Sasquatch, he had a gentleness of temperament that drew children like a magnet and had old couples stopping on the street to reminisce about a Golden they’d had 40 years before…Her new dog, Abby, is a curious combination of Lab and Beagle, what looks like permanent eyeliner and Yoda-like ears. She arrived at the Shelter after being airlifted from a kill-shelter in LA and patiently waited for a month for Cheryl to show up.

Cheryl has a rich and diverse background – from marketing the opera to owning a catering company to having a news analysis show on PBS to providing creative services for a pharmaceutical to acting Off-off Broadway in New York to being published as a freelance writer. She and Abby live in Hailey where Abby keeps a weather eye on the local squirrel population.