Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Jen Barth

Oct 2017

Jen started volunteering when she moved here from California as a way to meet like-minded animal folks. She fell in love with the Shelter and fellow volunteers right away. Jen’s skills are diverse in her volunteering- from assisting with our humane education programs to walking dogs and bringing them to visit senior centers, to making elaborate costumes for photoshoots, Jen makes every day a little bit brighter for both Shelter pets and staff!

Dancing with Dogs

Aug 2017

Isabella Boylston and her fellow dancers who were in town for their stunning set of performances through Ballet Sun Valley were gracious enough to take some time out of their busy rehearsal schedule to play with adoptable dogs and kittens.


Isabella, niece of long-time Animal Shelter volunteers and supporters Kathy and Greg Boylston, did a little dancing with adoptable dogs Rex and Cooper (who were perhaps not quite as graceful as the dancer herself) while kitten Oliver chased her ribbon.


We’re so grateful to Isabella for helping show off our pets and get the word out about how great shelter animals are! And the dancers all seemed to enjoy few moments of rest with a furry friend.


Thanks Connor!

Aug 2016

We want to send out a big thank you to WRHS student, Connor, for making a shade spot to go in the agility/acquaintance area at the Shelter! He worked on it all summer and delivered it to the Shelter this weekend. Most of the wood is recycled so it’s also a “green” project! Thank you Connor!

Thank You WRMS Leadership Class!

Jun 2016

We want to send out a BIG thank you to the Wood River Middle School Leadership Class! This group of dedicated students applied for the CenturyLink Philanthropy Grant on behalf of the Animal Shelter and the Hunger Coalition and were awarded $1,500 for each organization! Not only that, but they also held a school dance where the cost of admission to the dance was donated to the Shelter AND they spent hours volunteering to clean up the kennels and spruce up the Shelter. We are so thankful for all of their hard work!

Thank You Volunteers!

May 2016

We want to send out a BIG thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to help this weekend at our 2nd Volunteer Community Service Day! The Shelter is looking top notch after volunteers cleaned up both Shelter vans, put up new banners, picked up 75+ bags of tumbleweeds, planted a catnip enrichment garden, created a new play space for the Shelter dogs, planted flowers, made dog toys, and more! We can’t say thank you enough!

We want to send out a special shout out to Suzanne & Scott who drove all the way from Boise to help! They adopted Greg (now Bently) last year and love the shelter!

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Adoptable Pet Binders: The Story of Gretzky

Apr 2016

Happy #VolunteerAppreciationWeek! One of the ways that local businesses can get involved with the Shelter is by having one of our “Adoptable Pet Binders” on hand. Being able to showcase the adoptable animals at the Shelter around the community helps pets get adopted faster! Read the story of Gretzky below, who thanks to the binders, found his new home!

“We were in Hailey, not to rescue a dog but to play a state hockey tournament.  We had been looking for a dog or puppy to be part of the family, but hadn’t quite settled on the breed or size. So, it wasn’t like we went looking for Gretzky (Squirrel was his name in the shelter), but somehow Gretzky came looking for us during the two day tournament.

The first morning as we sat in Starbucks waiting on our coffee and hot chocolate, we noticed a binder labeled Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley. Flipping through the pages near the end was the first time we came across what unknowingly was the next member of our family.

Between game one and two on a beautiful Saturday morning we walked the main street looking in windows hopping in and out of stores. The Barkin’ Basement Thrift Store just happened to be one of those stores and inside again we found ourselves flipping through the pages of a copy of the Animal Shelter’s three ring binder.  Again, with hockey on our mind we went back to play game two at the Sun Valley rink. This time though “Squirrel” was being discussed and what it would be like to get a dog that wasn’t a puppy. The difficulties of training, breaking bad habits, and wondering why or that there has to be a reason that this type of dog would’ve ended up in a shelter.

The morning of day two, following a state championship win by the Idaho Falls Eagles U16 team, we decided on a championship breakfast at the Kneadery. Once again, we found ourselves with a three ring binder looking for the now much discussed Weimar. This time though deciding that on our way home to Idaho Falls we would stop by the animal shelter and see if it’s even open on a Sunday.

Gretzky formerly known as “Squirrel” is now part of our family. The amazing volunteers at the Animal Shelter never stop caring for the animals or looking for a new and caring home for each and every one of their animals. They don’t consider this a Monday through Friday job and after to remain open seven days a week.

They immediately greeted us with a smile and the question of “are you here to adopt?”. They then retrieved the requested Weimar and carefully and cautiously made sure our four-year-old and this dog would be OK, the staff did a kids test and when we all felt comfortable we were allowed to take him for a walk, discuss adoption and get a feel for each other.

Gretzky, (a much better name, we believe, for a hockey family) as expected is no different than any Weimar, very smart and well behaved. Gretzky now sits, lies down, will stay, play fetch (which he loves) and even shake.  Not only for Brandi and I but also Madeline (who is 4). He plays gently, maybe a little obnoxiously underfoot, and at the end of the day as you can see in the pics just as we do enjoy being loved.

Gretzky and the Nelsons’ would like to thank all of the store owners that approve the placement of the Animal Shelter’s Adoption Binders. The volunteers that help keep them updated and placed.  All of you together made our family better with the adoption of an animal in your community shelter!

Thanks and from now on,

‘Rescued Will Always Be Our Favorite Breed’

-The Nelson’s”


Thank you to the following businesses for featuring our adoptable pets: Homestead Grille, Hailey Coffee, Zaney’s, House Coffee, Mt. West Bank, Thunderpaws, Sotheby’s, The Kneadery, Starbucks, Laundromutts, Shades of Sun Valley, Chapter One, and High Altitude Fitness.


If you’re interested in having an “Adoptable Pet Binder” at your business, send an e-mail to Volunteer Coordinator, Jenny, at jenny@animalshelterwrv.org.



Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Apr 2016

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week! We are so thankful for all of the amazing people who come out to the Shelter and Barkin Basement to donate their time to help the animals.

All this week we’ll be posting about the different opportunities available to get involved here at the Shelter. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Send us an e-mail at info@animalshelterwrv.org.

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week

Thank You Community Service Day Volunteers!

Nov 2015

We want to send a big shout out to all of the folks who came out to the Shelter yesterday to help during our very first Community Service Day! 35 volunteers came out to help us winterize the Shelter – pulling weeds, moving sandbags, picking up debris, and making tons of dog toys!


Winter 2015 Community Service Day from Animal Shelter on Vimeo.


Check out some of the pictures below:

Thank you Scott!

Sep 2015

This past week we received a big donation from long time volunteer & local school teacher, Scott Slonim. After reaching out to say thank you, Scott told us the story behind the donation:

Scott Slonim - Insta


Thank you Scott for your continued support and all that you do for the animals!


Happy Birthday Sadie!

Jul 2015

Special thanks to Sadie who donated her birthday to the Shelter animals 😄🍰🎉!

Happy Birthday Sadie, the animals send lots of love.