Foster Friday

Foster Friday: Furiosa

Jun 2018

It’s FuriOsa, not Furiosah! Like Hermione, Furiosa is smart, quick thinking, and will tell you if something is wrong. Including basic obedience commands, Fury has all the traits to be a true Gryffindor- she’s patient, trustworthy and a true friend. While at a camping trip, Fury proved she can be trusted off leash. Initial greetings are still hard for her; thinking like the smart lady she is, who wants a complete stranger in their personal space?? Once she sees her foster brother relax, she relaxes too. But she’s still a little wary… he-who-must-not-be-named could be anywhere! With more training and love, FuriOsa will continue growing to be a magical mutt!

Foster Friday: Ruby

Jun 2018

Ruby is a longer term resident who would love a break from the shelter!

Interested in becoming a foster parent? Check out or call us at 208.788.4351

Borris and Henry Show Off Their Sweaters

Jan 2018

Meet Borris and Henry! These two little fellas act tough for about a minute when you first meet them but then quickly turn sweet and snuggly. They are also both looking for a Foster home to relax in until they find a forever home, come by the Shelter and meet a cute little friend!

Foster Friday Update!

Aug 2017
Our super senior Rex is looking for some time away from the shelter! He is an outstanding dog that loves people, is good with other dogs and while curious about cats here, doesn’t seem like he wants to chase them. If you are interesting in giving Rex some quality time away from the stress of the shelter or you are interested in our foster program, please visit:
Once we have received your profile, a member of the foster team will contact you!

Foster Friday Update!

Jul 2017
Pete is a doll of a dog that has had some trouble being a confident canine! He’s still a youngster, with a ton of potential, so we are looking for a foster home for him to help him blossom! We want him to go into a foster home with another confident canine to learn from and we firmly believe the sky is the limit for this little guy! If you are interested in fostering Pete or learning how to become a foster parent, please visit us at:  #fosterfriday
A member of the foster team will contact you after we have received your application!

Foster Friday Update!

Jul 2017

Happy Friday! This week we are once again looking for some new foster families to provide a reprieve from the insanity of Shelter life. Izzy, Will, Bob, and Pete are all looking for a quieter home and some extra TLC. For this #fosterfriday, can you open your home to one of these #adorableadoptables or share this with someone who can?


Foster Friday Update!

Jun 2017

Gina is a sweet, mild-mannered, older gal that is finding Shelter life a bit overwhelming. She’s looking for a reprieve from the Shelter environment while she waits for her forever family. She is an expert cuddler, won’t take up much space and would definitely not mind dogs/kitties her size as roommates.