Feeling Blessed

Oct 2017

We want to send a big thank you to all the volunteers who came out to the Blessing of the Animals this weekend! There was a great turnout and fun was had by all. Check out the pictures below. Want to stay updated on all things Animal Shelter? Sign-up for our e-blast for featured adoptables, events, and more! Click here to sign-up.


The Dogs Have Landed!

Sep 2017

On Friday of last week, we welcomed a group of dogs at the Friedman Airport who were traveling with Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc. from a Shelter in California. This certainly isn’t a first as we’ve gotten dogs from Texas, California, and more in recent months. However, this time we had quite a big group – in total nine dogs came off the plane to find their new homes here in the Valley! Below are just a few who are available for adoption. The rest will be available shortly!

Dancing with Dogs

Aug 2017

Isabella Boylston and her fellow dancers who were in town for their stunning set of performances through Ballet Sun Valley were gracious enough to take some time out of their busy rehearsal schedule to play with adoptable dogs and kittens.


Isabella, niece of long-time Animal Shelter volunteers and supporters Kathy and Greg Boylston, did a little dancing with adoptable dogs Rex and Cooper (who were perhaps not quite as graceful as the dancer herself) while kitten Oliver chased her ribbon.


We’re so grateful to Isabella for helping show off our pets and get the word out about how great shelter animals are! And the dancers all seemed to enjoy few moments of rest with a furry friend.


Onyx and Julian Engaged!

Aug 2017

We are excited to announce the event of the century here at the Animal Shelter, Onyx and Julian are getting married! They have lived together since they were both brought in as strays by different people on the same day (January 30th 2017). They really love each other and we would like them to go to a loving home together, so it just made sense that they should get married. Here are some of the photos from their engagement and we will post updates from the wedding as well! If you would like to get them a wedding gift here is their registry:

Dog Days of Summer a Success!

Aug 2017

Wow. What a night! This annual event is a huge contributor to the Shelter’s annual income – one that helps keep the animals fed, happy, healthy, and ready for finding their new homes every day of the year.

All of us here at the Shelter greatly appreciate everyone who attended, bid on auction items, spread the word, and cheered on the success of the Animal Shelter. Thank you!

During this year’s event guests bid on some great auction items including: a trip to London, an African photo safari, a whitewater rafting trip down the salmon river and more. There was also the traditional “Parade of Dogs” and four of these happy pups (Sophie, Samsung, Dani, and Dell) found their forever homes!

We also encourage you to check out this year’s annual video. It includes some touching stories of adopters, volunteers, and community members who address what it looks like to live in a humane community and how that touches all of our lives.

The Dog Days of Summer 2017: What is a Humane Community? from Animal Shelter WRV on Vimeo.

Join us for a Pocket Sketch Class!

Jul 2017
Kath Macaulay is back again this year to offer her Pocket Sketch class to benefit the Animal Shelter! This year Kath will be holding two courses – one for beginners and the other for folks who have an understanding of the basics. Pocket Sketching is perfect for travel, hiking, skiing, the symphony, sitting in a café’ – anywhere you can hold a paper and pencil!
Class for Beginners
Easy to Learn Plein Air and Watercolor
July 10,11,12-(Mon/Tue/Wed)
CSI – Queen Of The Hills Conference Room
$385-includes instruction and supplies
Class for Intermediate
Watercolor & Animals – A Pocket Sketching Refresher
July 20,21,22-(Thurs,Fri,Sat)
CSI- Queen Of The Hills Conference Room
$385-includes instruction and supplies
To Register:
Call 208-788-4351 & ask for Marcia

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Ground has been Broken!

Jun 2017

It’s official, ground has been broken on the new animal welfare campus! The Shelter hosted a private groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, July 22. More than 100 campaign donors and volunteers toured the property with maps depicting the major building locations for the nearly 30,000 square foot facility designed not just to house homeless animals, but to be a community gathering and education hub, spay/neuter center, and more.

Shelter Executive Director Dr. Jo-Anne Dixon said during the ceremony (while wearing a hard hat decorated with dog “ears” and holding a golden shovel), “We’re so proud of what the new facility will do for the community, both the pets and the people; and we’re incredibly thankful to everyone who has volunteered, donated, adopted, and spread the word to help achieve our mission.”

The Animal Shelter partners with many other local groups and nonprofit organizations, including The Hunger Coalition, The Advocates, The Senior Connection, and local schools. Associate Director Brooke Bonner stresses the importance of all these different organizations for the health of our community and looks forward to the expanded partnerships that will be possible in the new campus.

Bonner says, “The current shelter building was never designed for the role we are filling for the community – back when it was built more than 35 years ago, animals were only housed for a few days at a time. Now that we are a no-kill shelter, we need to be able to house animals humanely for more extended time periods. Now is the time to invest in a building capable of fulfilling a larger vision. This will be a tremendous asset, bringing back a significant ‘return on investment’ to benefit Blaine County.” In fact, according to an economic impact study conducted by the Sun Valley Economic Development Corporation, in 2015 the Animal Shelter infused $4.4 million back into the local economy, almost three times its operating budget that year.

According to Dr. Dixon, the Animal Shelter is an important member of the local nonprofit sector, serving a key role to ensure Blaine County is a humane community for all. She says, “In addition to saving homeless animals’ lives, we also educate thousands of children every year, help keep families together by providing services so they can keep their pets during times of struggle, and provide love and companionship to seniors and others through our outreach programs. Whether or not you’ve ever adopted, chances are good that we’ve touched the life of someone you love through our diverse programs.”

The Animal Shelter’s Campaign Committee and staff have been busy raising the early major gifts needed to be able to break ground. They have received 75% of the gifts and pledges needed to finish the facility and are looking forward to announcing the kickoff of the community campaign later this year.

According to Bonner, “We want to give everyone a chance to see how this project will help the community and how their gift can make an impact. As we move forward with the campaign, donors will be able to participate in whatever way is meaningful to them – even with our growing mission and impact, the Animal Shelter will always be here for Blaine County’s two-legged and four-legged citizens.”

To learn more about what the new animal welfare campus will include, you can see a map of the facility at

Check out some of the images below from the celebration!

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