Ask Abbey

Ask Abbey Special Guest: Granny!

Apr 2014


Happy April Friends!  This month I’ll be subbing in for Abbey with a special column of “Ask Granny”.  I wouldn’t call myself an expert – but I certainly have been around the block a time or two!  At the ripe age of 20, the Shelter team has deemed me the best option for giving out cat advice.

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Ask Abbey: Enrichment Toys for Your Pup!

Mar 2014

This month Abbey & her mom, Hillary Hayward (also our Behavior and Training Manager), show us some of their favorite toys to get your dog’s brain working AND having fun!


Ask Abbey: Adding Another Dog

Feb 2014


This month Abbey talks to us about introducing a new dog into the home and helping the resident dog adapt to the new housemate.  Adding a new dog to the home can be stressful – unless you are armed with all of the right tips and tricks!

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Ask Abbey: Keeping Your Dog Busy in Cold Weather

Jan 2014

abbeybeeWelcome to the first ever column of “Ask Abbey” – I hope you enjoy!

The winter months can be really hard physically and mentally for dogs who can’t be outside for an extended period of time. Inactivity leads to bored dogs and trust me, bored dogs tend to be the ones that find their own “fun” aka sometimes destructive or other unwanted behaviors. Just ask me, I love finding trouble when I’m bored.

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