Ask Abbey: December 2014


Are you totally stumped on what to get your dog this holiday season?  Have no fear, Ask Abbey is here to answer all of your questions!  And by that we mean…she is here to tell you what things she would ask for (and what your dog might want too)!  Check out her list below!



Abbey’s Favorite Things – Dog edition

  1. Deep Dish Bed by Sheri- Amazon $20.22

“Does your dog or cat love nesting and getting super comfy? Then THIS is the bed for them.”


  1. Treat Gun: – Amazon $9.77
    “This cool device launches treats in multiple directions for your pet to chase and gobble up. Fun for your pet and you!”


  1. Dog Training Kit- Karen $19.99                                                                                                                                                                  “No matter what age a dog is, they can still (and LOVE) to learn! Learn how to train your dog using positive reinforcement methods with this great starter kit from Karen Pryor. It’s how I learned all of my tricks and why I’m so well behaved….well at least most of the time.”


  1. Kong Wobbler $11.89-Small, $18.22-Large
    “Saying that my siblings and I love this puzzle feeder is the understatement of the century! I have to work to get my kibble out and have a blast doing so! It is a great way to keep your dog’s brain busy and them out of mischief (because they are having too much fun trying to get all of their food out.) These come in two sizes (small and large.) I have the small size and it works perfectly for a variety of sized pets. (Our house has dogs sized 12lbs-55lbs and we all love it!)


  1. Foobler Timed Self Reloading Puzzle Feeder-$39.99
    “Being left alone at home can be boring and can lead to dogs finding other more ‘interesting’ things to do. Why not let them stay continually engaged and happy with a timed food release toy that you can preset.”


  1. GPS-TAGG $89.99
    “Nothing would scarier than being lost and my family unable to find me! This ingenious invention uses GPS technology to help locate lost pets that easily attaches to your pet’s collar. You can buy them on OR buy them at the Animal Shelter who’ll get a donation upon your purchase from the company! Two gifts in one!”


  1. iFetch $99.95
    “Got a dog that loves to chase balls? Is your arm getting tired from throwing them? This is the perfect gift that never gets tired of throwing the ball for your dog!”


  1. Baldy Biscuits-Available at all local grocery and pet stores.
    “Have I mentioned that I LOVE these treats?! They are perfect for both large and small dogs as they can be easily broken into smaller pieces. They are made with great ingredients and a portion of the proceeds benefits the Animal Shelter.”


  1. Social Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser $199.95
    “Ever wonder what your pet is up to while you are not at home? Well this invention not only allows you to check in on them, you can also deliver treats to them!”


  1. Thundershirt – Lots of pets suffer from anxiety and the Thundershirt provides gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. The compression therapy shirt is very popular with many pet parents and they are often in use at the Animal Shelter”