Neutered Male
Domestic Longhair
Est. DOB: 12/2013
Size: Large
Weight: 14.3 lbs
Wayne is a lovely cat. He is a big, handsome lovebug. You probably will not get to see that at the Shelter though, unless you really spend some time getting to know him. Little known factoid- most cats are stressed at the Shelter. Wouldn’t you be? Cruising the streets on your own, minding your own business, living the dream, man! Then suddenly you are living in a small cage, forced to make friends with other cats, surrounded by loud noises and strong smells. Yeah, sure, you get loved and brushed and fed and well taken care of, but still you sure would prefer to find your forever humans and settle into a life with them. Talk about living the dream! Wayne is ready to be adopted. Come introduce yourself!