Neutered Male
Labrador Mix
Est. DOB: 6/2017
Size: Medium
Weight: 53lbs

Succotash is all puppy. Overly enthusiastic, free of manners, kinda dorky, zero impulse control- the whole package! Like most puppies, he will make you laugh so often that you’ll quickly forget to be upset with his shenanigans. Also like most puppies, he is eager to learn, loves to have fun, and is very outgoing! All this youngster needs is a patient adopter that can provide him with some consistency and he will turn into a lovely adult dog. The Shelter staff is working on improving his first impressions- dogs and humans alike get incredibly close, rambunctious, bouncy greetings. While there is nothing malicious in his approach, it doesn’t win him a ton of fans on first introduction! Potential canine and feline siblings will need to be pretty confident and tolerant until he grows up and acquires some manners! They can also help with his training! Come meet this wild child and get your daily dose of laughter!