Neutered Male
Cattle Dog/ Labrador Mix
Est. DOB: 1/2016
Size: Large
Weight: 60lbs

Every day that Clifford has spent at the Shelter has exposed more of this big red dog’s goofy and sweet personality! He is a huge fan of lounging and lazing about, loves people fiercely once he has gotten to know them, and appreciates being showered with affection. Dog greetings are hard for Clifford, so although he is working on it, he will never be a great dog to take to a dog park or crowded hiking trail. He is fine with easy going, friendly dogs, but would rather hang at home with his people than risk encountering dogs that do not meet that description out on a crowded trail. Clifford is willing to share his home with a confident cat or two. Fish and lizards are also fine. Clifford has completely recovered from his recent double ACL repair surgery (it’s hard to be a big red dog!) and is now ready for his forever home. He has proven himself to be house trained and generally well mannered (though unattended Power Bars are fair game). Consistency, routine, and some affection will really allow this cute pup to thrive- Clifford’s silly antics and shenanigans will likely be an excellent source of entertainment for you!