Happy Tail Update from Winston’s Family!

Hi, I adopted Winston (formally Archie) last week and I couldn’t be happier. He is such an amazing and smart dog. You were so right when suggesting agility training, I’ll be signing him up when I get home next month. He loves hanging out with my friends and all the other dogs in our housing complex.

His obedience training is going well and he’s learning to walk on a leash, he’s getting better everyday. He does have a little bit of separation anxiety but that was to be expected. He likes his cave (kennel) but as of now his safe spot is the back seat of my car. He loves to go on car rides, we’re gonna have so much fun on our road trip back to seattle.

Thank you so much for what you all do, without you I wouldn’t have found my new best friend.

I attached some pictures for you to see.

Happy tails!

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