A great note from Titus’ new family!:

I’ve been meaning to send you guys some pics for a bit now.  Life is busy.  Titus (previously known as Titan) is an AMAZING dog!  I adore him!!  I have not seen one thing that concerns me.  He is so well behaved, at home, on the trails, with people, with other dogs.  He and Shamu seem to be doing just fine.  He knows that Shamu is Queen B but they play well.  He was just what I needed.  He’s such a sweet big headed lover!
He gets out every day basically.  He has been on walks and runs and a bike ride.  He’s doing great!  He has also had the opportunity to play hard with my boyfriend’s pups.  It tires them all out and it’s wonderful.
He has also made himself at home.  I bought a new bed yesterday (I’ve been in the process of moving back into my house) and I got a king… admittedly for the dogs.  Even the guy at the store said people get king beds for the dogs.  Indeed!!
Thanks for all you do.  We’ll stop in next time we’re in the Sun Valley area!

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