Happy Tail Update from Jeshi’s (formerly Simon) Family!

“Simon is now Jeshi. It means “army” in Swahili and the name was chosen by a former student because he said that Simon looked like a “warrior!” Also, Jeshi was the name that one of the dorms at my old school (in South Africa) gave themselves. So Jeshi has a name that ties him back to the continent that Kaylah and I came from.
From the moment that Jeshi came to our home, it was like he was born to be with us. It took a couple of weeks for him to get really comfortable with Kaylah (his 7 yr old Chow cross sister). He was a bit protective of me with her, and there were a couple of scuffles. But now they play like the best of friends! Jeshi is always snuggling with me or her, and he has no doubt that he is a lap dog (despite his size).
As some of you know, we live in the Community School Residence Hall, so there is no shortage of attention! The students and other visitors absolutely love him. And he makes himself at home when he is out in the dorm. Often I’ll leave him inside our place behind a baby gate, especially when we are eating. He sits calmly (most of the time) and gets very excited when I walk back towards the door, as you can see in the video). But when given the chance, Jeshi and Kaylah will clean up the dining room floor and roam the kitchen for scraps- yes, he has learned how to open the compost bin! :-/
Generally, he is very well behaved. We work on basic commands and he is usually very focused. Such a momma’s boy!! But when we are outside, mice, squirrels, deer… all take priority over me. Luckily, if he takes off, he does come back. If fact the other day, he and Kaylah took off on Baldy and ran toward a trail we often walk. So I backtracked and went around to where they would come out. When I got there, only Kaylah appeared. After waiting a bit, I went back to where they had first taken off. And he still wasn’t there. Just as I was giving up (knowing that he does know the house), he came running from the opposite direction. I think he came back to where he left me​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, didn’t see me, went home, didn’t find us there, and then came all the way back again! So we’ll keep working on behavior when he is outside, but at least I know he’ll always find his way home 🙂
Enjoy the pictures and videos!
Jenn, Kaylah, and Jeshi (Simon)”

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