“Murphy now has three stuffed animal friends that he carries around the house with him. He doesn’t really chew on them, it’s more like he just wants them around to keep him company. They’re like his children; see below.


He LOVES going to the dog-park and behaves tremendously well.  He’s polite to all the other dogs and always comes when called, especially when I have treats in my pocket. He also enjoys walking on the Greenbelt, but would enjoy it more if he was allowed to chase all the ducks.
His amazing dog-park behavior encouraged me to take him to off-leash trails in the Boise foothills.  He always stayed close and was friendly (but not annoying) to other trail-users. Waiting patiently for the weather to improve, so we can do more of this.
He is a sneaky counter-surfer, and I’ve officially learned my lesson about having any food out!  He licked a pan of bacon grease and ate a whole section of caramel bars from their pan.  The best part is that he acts totally disinterested in the food item until you walk out the door.  He’s no dummy.
He makes all kinds of weird dog-vocalizations when I come home from work.  It’s cool.”

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