Three years later and Lulah is doing great! Lulah is learning to embrace other dogs, is enjoying off leash time in the country side, and just enjoyed a wonderful trip to Oregon!

Lulah has also been a healing pup “[my friend] has been diagnosed with cancer and Lulah has been allowed to lie on his bed with him for some snuggling. She really seems to miss seeing him at my house and he is touched at how excited she is to see him when she goes for a visit. His prognosis is good and we are looking forward to him getting his strength back as his treatment proceeds.”

We’re so happy for Lulah, and her person is happy to have her; “I probably don’t need to spell it out but I want to say she is a one in a million and is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you again for all the good work you do bringing families together.”

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