Happy Tail Update from Lucy’s Family!

“Here is the update for Thelma (now know to us a Lucy).

She has adapted quite well to her new home and spent her first day as the official office dog.

She has a spot to retreat to and after her first day was tuckered out from all of the attention and new things to explore.

She spends her days at the office with me, next to my desk or greeting all who decide to enter and her nights at our home with our family. She has integrated with our older cats very well but still doesn’t understand why they don’t wish to play with her:)

She has taken to sleeping on our bed, on our feet and is welcome there as long as she likes.

All in all, she is fitting in quite well and should be in the groove of our office prior to the stressful and dreaded “deadline days”. (I am the creative director for publishing house that produces several newspapers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t end up with her own column:))”