Happy Tail Update from Jasper’s Family!

“Thought you would like to see a couple of photos of Jasper (formerly Sage) in his ugly Christmas sweater! He has been a hoot – typical kitten shenanigans, alternating between hyper and cuddly. He’s fitting in well with the rest of our animals…and he actually doesn’t mind wearing his holiday sweater!

Merry Christmas to all your staff, volunteers, and animals!”

Another update from Jasper & his family!:

“Hi all – I stopped in a few weeks ago to donate some blankets for your shelter cats, and brought Jasper (formerly Sage) along for the ride. The adoption counselor who helped us was thrilled to see a former cat alumni, since you guys don’t often get to see your kitties for visits. We were updating her on Jasper‘s adventures and she asked us to send in some photos…so here’s an update!

Jasper is a high energy cat. I expected kitten shenanigans, but he takes it to a whole new level. Climbing the blinds, climbing the shower curtain, jumping from couch to cat condo and back… and it is constant. It is nearly impossible to tire this guy out. He was the one climbing the walls of the kitten room at the shelter, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I thought he’d settle down a bit once he was out of the shelter and able to roam around a new home. I was wrong. We tried all kinds of toys, puzzle games, motorized toys… he plays with all of it, but he is still always on high alert.

Out of desperation, I decided to try and leash train him. I had put an ugly Christmas sweater on him for the holidays for laughs, and to my surprise he didn’t care at all (you already have a photo of that on your Happy Tails page). I bought a harness and let him wear that around the house – again, he was totally fine. So, I took the plunge and put a leash on him and took him into the back yard. We did that for a few months in January and February. We took it really slow and I just followed him around where he wanted to go. Most days, he didn’t want to leave the deck (especially when there was still a lot of snow). Eventually he started poking around the yard and garden a bit more.

From there, I loaded him into the car and tried a few short walks. We started at Alturas Elementary school, because the ground was clear, and I could keep him in a fenced area in their playground. Eventually, we built on those little successes and now he’s pretty good about walking down the trail on leash. We still take it slow and at his pace – lots of sniffing around! It keeps him engaged, though, and tires him out a bit so he’s ready for a nap and cuddles when we get home. For anyone interested, “Cat Daddy” Jackson Galaxy has some good tips on leash training a cat on his website that I found helpful.

Jasper also comes when called, and will sit and sit up for treats. He lines up for his treats each morning and evening with our dogs. He also LOVES car rides. Maybe he thinks he’s really a dog…

Thanks for letting us adopt such a unique feline friend. He’s not quite what I expected when I was looking for a new kitten, but he has really added to our family in his own unique way. I realized it’s up to me to find a way to help him thrive, and hopefully I’m getting there! I hope we have many, many more years of “Adventure Catting” with Jasper!”