Update from Henry (formerly Red)!  His new Mom sent us a great note, check out a piece of it below along with some pictures!

“It is fun to watch him walk around the house and see new things.  He LOVES mirrors.  He can just sit and look at himself all day!  He is still a bit too interested in the cats, but I feel that will pass with more time.  It will also be great when he can run around the back yard to burn off some energy.  He did great at petsmart today.  I can’t seem to find toys he likes, but he does like the straps of my handbags.. J

I will see what happens over the next few days with the Truck.  I just put a big blanket on the front floor board so if he wants to hang out there it is comfortable for him. He did run in my closet when I was changing and snuggled in the corner as if he felt safe.  I turned off the light and he stayed in there for a bit.  I think everything will pass with more time. Everyday will be an adventure. 🙂  We are having fun together.  🙂  I love him!”

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