Happy Tail Update from Haley’s Family

“Hi, we wanted to share our story about our Norwegian Elkhound/ Husky mix we picked up from the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley on 1/22/2012. My husband drove from Helena, MT on Saturday, through a blizzard, icy roads, and a cattle drive to pick up our new dog that spoke to him online. The staff at the shelter waited for him as they knew he was coming. He and “Missy” bonded right away. It was like she knew he was her person.

Missy was special right away. At the hotel, they saw a suspicious man in the hallway and Missy growled low in her chest, she did not like him. The next day that man was arrested.

They came home Sunday and made it later than planned, already dark. We introduced Missy to our other two dogs, and everyone got along. However, the name Missy didn’t seem to fit her, so we started trying out various names. She answered to “Haley” – that’s her name now.

I had her in obedience classes within a couple weeks and she was a little hard to handle. She passed and we continued on with 3 more obedience classes and 4 agility classes. She does really well at those also. After about a year, I started her for certification as a therapy dog. We have been a team for 1 and half years now. She has also developed a thyroid condition and Cushings disease. She is a great dog and we are thrilled to have her as part of our family. I guess you get the good with the bad and just keep going.

We want to thank you for helping make her part of our family and we wouldn’t trade her for anything. Thanks!”

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