An update from Derby!

“We recently received a one year anniversary card from the WR Animal Shelter congratulating us on a year with Derby.  You asked if we’d share another photo.  I have included two that we had taken with his human sister.  We love Derby!  He is so joyful and full of life.  He makes us smile multiple times a day.  He loves playing with his canine sister, a PBGV.  Another favorite is “grass baths” or “snow baths.”  He has his three legs in the air and rubs his back with snow or grass depending upon the season.  He recently did his first river bath, and was surprised to get water up his nose with the flop on his back, and three legs extending above the surface of the water!  He is one of a kind!  Thanks for rescuing him from Burley and walking him in the park in Ketchum.  We found him the day my mother-in-law died.  She was a dog lover and we like to think she sent him to us.  Thank you!”

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