2014 Community Impact Report

“Animals in need know no boundaries.”

Connecting animals and people is our purpose. You can see from this adoptions map that families travel near and far to adopt homeless animals. In the changing world of sheltering, we are all brought closer together through social networks and the shared values found there. These digital connections make the world smaller and result in more lives saved than ever before.

Likewise, animals in need know no boundaries. While tremendous progress occured in the last decade, there are still animals in our community and the communities around us that have little or no access to animal welfare support.

Through the success of the Shelter’s spay/neuter and other community outreach programs, you’ve helped create a unique opportunity to help those around us still in crisis. Your support has allowed us to partner with other shelters and rescue groups.

Together, we are developing resources to bring equality in animal welfare to all communities. The world may be getting smaller, but your impact is greater than ever—thanks to you animals lives are saved and people lives are changed.

With sincere gratitude,






Jo-Anne Dixon, DVM

Executive Director/Medical Director