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Friday Feeling

That Friday feeling though. Tennis ball, sunshine, and a weekend ahead – what could be better? Come meet Skip and share in the good vibes!

Pal Goes to the Library

We love partnering with fellow nonprofits! Yesterday Shelter alumnus, Pal, got the chance to spend some time at The Community Library reading with kids and demonstrating how to interact with dogs. It brought a smile to everyone’s faces to see the kids absolutely light u

Doyle is a Good Boy

Doyle is looking for an adventurous, active, fun-loving family to adopt. While he can be briefly shy with new people and situations, that quickly dissipates when he remembers that he LOVES people and hiking and exploring and making new dog friends! This friendly youngster will

Borris and Henry Show Off Their Sweaters

Meet Borris and Henry! These two little fellas act tough for about a minute when you first meet them but then quickly turn sweet and snuggly. They are also both looking for a Foster home to relax in until they find a forever home, come

Building a Humane Community

There is a human element to animal welfare that often gets overlooked. We are so proud that our own Nadia Novik, Director of Shelter Outreach, had the opportunity to share this important message during the 2017 Sun Valley TEDx conference. Nadia shows us how a humane

Let Love In.

Every action we take can help let love in. Click on the video below to check it out!   Let Love In from Animal Shelter WRV on Vimeo.

It’s time to license your pet!

It’s time to renew your dog’s Blaine County Dog License! Every year in the United States, 10 million pets are lost. Help your dog stay found. Click here to renew your license & get your pet an ID tag!