Tails from Texas

Mar 2017

Here at the Animal Shelter we are fortunate enough to have tremendous support from the community. This support allows us to offer services, programs, and opportunities to both the people and pets of the Valley that many other communities in the country don’t have access to.

Programs like the Free Community Spay/Neuter Clinic, Paws for Hunger, and Community Paws all contribute to the steady decline of stray animals that come through our doors every year. In fact, the number of stray animals in Blaine County is less than half of what it was in 2009!

Because there are fewer local stray animals, we can fill our kennels with adoptable pets facing euthanasia at overcapacity regional shelters. Last year, we saved 289 animals from other shelters (primarily Jerome, Twin Falls, Burley, Buhl, etc). Occasionally we have the chance to partner with larger rescue organizations transporting animals from high need areas to communities that want more adoptable pets.

Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to welcome 12 dogs to the Valley from a special transport from San Antonio, Texas. We worked with San Antonio Pets Alive and SAFE K9 Transports and met their drivers in Twin Falls with our outreach vehicles to bring the dogs back to the Animal Shelter.

We’re excited to have more dogs for local families to choose from while these lovely adoptable animals are saved from unnecessary euthanasia. It’s a win-win!

Check out the video below for more information!

Tails from Texas from Animal Shelter WRV on Vimeo.

The dogs are currently being temperament tested, going through health evaluations, and then will be available for adoption! Make sure to keep an eye on Facebook and our website as they become available.

You can also check out pictures from the transport below:

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Wrangler’s New Home

Jan 2017

Some days in the busy hustle and bustle of life we forget to appreciate the people and pets around us that make life so special.

So when this Happy Tails clip came into our inbox this morning, it made us all take a step back to realize just how special each adoption is for the people who bring a shelter pet home. It’s not just the pets who are winning when they are taken home to their new families – it’s the people too!

Enjoy this quick clip of Wrangler meeting his boy for the first time – then run home and go give your pet a big hug & tell them how much you appreciate them!


Wrangler Goes Home from Animal Shelter WRV on Vimeo.


629 Adoptions!

Dec 2016

Thanks to your support, 629 animals have found their forever families this year! Enjoy this year’s Happy Tails recap & be sure to send us your Happy Tails photos for 2017!

You can help make even more Happy Tails possible by making an end of year gift to the Animal Shelter. Click here to make a donation & be their light:

*At the making of this video, 628 animals had been adopted. Turbo was the last adoption of 2016!*

2016 Happy Tails Recap from Animal Shelter on Vimeo.


Be Their Light: Pet Food for the Holidays

Dec 2016

One of my favorite days of the year is visiting our Pets For Life families around the holidays and spreading cheer with some pet food to help with the financial burden of the season. Pita (on the left in the photo below) and I went to Fairfield to meet with our clients and make surprise deliveries of pet food that has been donated to our Pets for Life program! We were greeted with smiles, hugs, and many thanks.

Because of the Pets for Life program and the relationships we’ve made with our clients, more pets are staying in their loving homes (instead of coming to the Shelter) and more animals are getting spay/neuter surgeries preventing unwanted litters (& the expenses that come with raising more animals).

Be Their Light: Pet Food for the Holidays from Animal Shelter on Vimeo.


For more information on our Pets for Life program, click here.

To make a donation to the Animal Shelter to support the services we offer to the community (including a new initiative called “Community Paws” which reaches out to Blaine County locals in need), click here.

Thank you for your support and for making this animal loving community such a special place to live, work, and play. Happy Holidays!



Nadia Novik

Director of Shelter Outreach

Batman & Robyn Home for the Holidays

Dec 2016

Batman and Robyn were two of many kittens to come through the Shelter this season. They absolutely loved each other and we hoped they would find their forever home together. The staff decided to move the kittens to the Barkin’ Basement to see if they would find their forever family while in the store’s Cat Adoption Center.

After just one day, the pair was spotted by a family looking to surprise their daughters for the holidays. Two playful kittens for two loving kids. It doesn’t get much better.


Be Their Light: Batman & Robyn from Animal Shelter on Vimeo.

Lenny Reviews: 2015 Community Impact Report

Oct 2016

As we move into the holiday season and the end of year rush, we want to take one last look at how great 2015 was in anticipation of the close of 2016!

Our good friend and former long-term resident, Lenny, stepped up for the job of playing narrator. Enjoy this short recap with Lenny as he walks you through 2015’s Community Impact Report! At this point in 2016 it’s already looking like the upward trends you’ll see in the video are continuing. In fact, at this point we’ve already had 510 animals find their forever homes in 2016!

Special thanks to Denise Simon for bringing Lenny’s voice to life!


Lenny's Review: 2015 Community Impact Report from Animal Shelter on Vimeo.

Tomasa goes home!

Oct 2016

Tomasa has been at the Shelter since January. While she has been here she has been our go-to field trip dog, visited the Senior Connection & Safe Haven, gone on class visits, and more! This past Friday though it was Tomasa’s turn to go home. Congrats to Tomasa and her new family!


Tomasa Goes Home! from Animal Shelter on Vimeo.

First Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic a Success!

Oct 2016

We held the first spay/neuter clinic in the town of Richfield through the Pets for Life program (a grant the Shelter received through the Humane Society of the United States). While we have been providing free spay/neuter clinics for Richfield residents since December of 2015, this was the first clinic done in town with the help of the Idaho Humane Society and their mobile spay/neuter trailer!

The Shelter’s Pets for Life program has altered over 450 animals at no cost for residents of Fairfield and Richfield as well as provided vaccinations, pet food, collars, and tags.

Patients were picked up at their homes and transported to the mobile unit which was parked in the center of town. We had a veterinarian and licensed vet tech from the Idaho Humane Society as well as a volunteer vet assistant provided by the Animal Shelter. Volunteers Holly Mora and Rachel Sanker were both instrumental to the success of the day!

Our goal for the first clinic was to alter 40 animals, and we are happy to report we were successful! 38 cats and 2 dogs were altered! Our next clinic is scheduled for October 12th. We’re hoping to spay and neuter even more animals, and continue this great partnership!


Pets for Life Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic from Animal Shelter on Vimeo.