Foster Friday Update!

Jun 2017

Gina is a sweet, mild-mannered, older gal that is finding Shelter life a bit overwhelming. She’s looking for a reprieve from the Shelter environment while she waits for her forever family. She is an expert cuddler, won’t take up much space and would definitely not mind dogs/kitties her size as roommates.

Ground has been Broken!

Jun 2017

It’s official, ground has been broken on the new animal welfare campus! The Shelter hosted a private groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, July 22. More than 100 campaign donors and volunteers toured the property with maps depicting the major building locations for the nearly 30,000 square foot facility designed not just to house homeless animals, but to be a community gathering and education hub, spay/neuter center, and more.

Shelter Executive Director Dr. Jo-Anne Dixon said during the ceremony (while wearing a hard hat decorated with dog “ears” and holding a golden shovel), “We’re so proud of what the new facility will do for the community, both the pets and the people; and we’re incredibly thankful to everyone who has volunteered, donated, adopted, and spread the word to help achieve our mission.”

The Animal Shelter partners with many other local groups and nonprofit organizations, including The Hunger Coalition, The Advocates, The Senior Connection, and local schools. Associate Director Brooke Bonner stresses the importance of all these different organizations for the health of our community and looks forward to the expanded partnerships that will be possible in the new campus.

Bonner says, “The current shelter building was never designed for the role we are filling for the community – back when it was built more than 35 years ago, animals were only housed for a few days at a time. Now that we are a no-kill shelter, we need to be able to house animals humanely for more extended time periods. Now is the time to invest in a building capable of fulfilling a larger vision. This will be a tremendous asset, bringing back a significant ‘return on investment’ to benefit Blaine County.” In fact, according to an economic impact study conducted by the Sun Valley Economic Development Corporation, in 2015 the Animal Shelter infused $4.4 million back into the local economy, almost three times its operating budget that year.

According to Dr. Dixon, the Animal Shelter is an important member of the local nonprofit sector, serving a key role to ensure Blaine County is a humane community for all. She says, “In addition to saving homeless animals’ lives, we also educate thousands of children every year, help keep families together by providing services so they can keep their pets during times of struggle, and provide love and companionship to seniors and others through our outreach programs. Whether or not you’ve ever adopted, chances are good that we’ve touched the life of someone you love through our diverse programs.”

The Animal Shelter’s Campaign Committee and staff have been busy raising the early major gifts needed to be able to break ground. They have received 75% of the gifts and pledges needed to finish the facility and are looking forward to announcing the kickoff of the community campaign later this year.

According to Bonner, “We want to give everyone a chance to see how this project will help the community and how their gift can make an impact. As we move forward with the campaign, donors will be able to participate in whatever way is meaningful to them – even with our growing mission and impact, the Animal Shelter will always be here for Blaine County’s two-legged and four-legged citizens.”

To learn more about what the new animal welfare campus will include, you can see a map of the facility at

Check out some of the images below from the celebration!

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Foster Friday Update!

Jun 2017

Happy #FosterFriday! This week we are reaching out to you, our fabulous followers, to spread the world about the need for and the value of #fosterfamilies for our Shelter critters! We have litters of kittens and puppies, shy dogs, older pets, and stressed adoptables that would benefit from some time out of the Shelter. Please let us know if you can help!

Puppies 101 Seminar this Saturday

Apr 2017

Puppies 101:

What to Expect in the First Year

Learn about the behavioral stages puppies go through from birth through adolescence with renowned trainer Julie Anderson. Learn how puppies change throughout their first year and the best ways to make sure you foster their growth to help them become great canine citizens!

Saturday, April 29th
4pm – 5:30pm
@ the Community Library
415 Spruce Ave, Ketchum
Free Event ($10 Suggested Donation)
Admission limited to the first 40 people
About Julie Anderson:
“I have been working professionally with dogs since 2009, and in that time have worked with hundreds of dogs. I have worked with intense reactivity, crippling fear and everything in between. I use a science based behavioral approach that is both fast and effective in changing a dog’s behavior. I believe our dogs do best when we set them up for success! My methods are fun for both human and dog, and I don’t use any methods that will cause pain or fear in your dog. You can expect to see a noticeable difference after one session.

I am a Certified Dog Trainer and Professional Member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). It is an organization established to maintain the highest professional and business standards among canine professionals.”

To learn more about Julie, click here.

Make Monday Better

Apr 2017

What can make a Monday better? This cute face! Tex would love to spend some time with you outside in the sun today – & how can you say no to that smile? #adopt


Happy #FosterFriday!

Apr 2017


What’s not to love about Big Sheep? He has the sweetest and most gentle disposition and always seems to have a smile on his face!

We are looking for a foster home for Big Sheep because…well, we think he’d love it! He’s an older guy which means he doesn’t need a lot of exercise, he’s very well mannered and seems to be housebroken! (He wont even go to the bathroom in his kennel at the Shelter!) He gets along with other dogs, loves people and seems like he wants to play with kitties.


Big Sheep is looking for a foster home so he can kick back and have some fun away from the shelter. Fostering him can be long or short term and we are happy to work with your schedule!

If you would be willing to open your heart (and home) to this guy, you will be his hero! If interested in fostering, please visit: and a member of the shelter staff will contact you to go over questions you may have and to complete the process!