Join us for a tour!

Jul 2018

We invite the community (and visitors) to join us for a “tour” of the new animal welfare campus. We can’t wait to share with you all the excitement surrounding the new animal adoption and humane education center!

Upcoming tour dates:
Thursday, July 12th and July 19th
5pm – 6pm
ASWRV Admin Office, 130 Airport Way

Reservations kindly requested so we can accommodate appropriately. Click here to reserve your spot!

Come meet our kittens!

Jul 2018

We have kittens! And lots of them! In fact, there is a whole room of kittens just waiting to meet you.

These adorable little felines would love to find their forever homes today! Stop by the Shelter and take one (or maybe two) home today!

4th of July Pet Tips

Jul 2018

With the loud fireworks, exciting new smells, crowds of people, and general celebrations – July 4th can be a stressful day for pets. Before you head out to begin your festivities, check out the tips below to help keep your pet safe & happy during the holiday!

Thank you Daisy!

Jun 2018

Thank you Daisy!

Daisy has been volunteering for the Shelter during her summers here and has been a life-long animal lover. She just graduated from high school and instead of asking for gifts she asked folks to donate to the Animal Shelter! Through her fundraiser she has raised $2,860.15 for the animals!



Thank you Daisy for all that you’ve done (& continue to do) for the animals! All of us here wish you the best of luck on your new adventures at Belmont University!


Want to say thanks to Daisy too? You can! Leave her a “Happy Graduation” note!

Foster Friday: Furiosa

Jun 2018

It’s FuriOsa, not Furiosah! Like Hermione, Furiosa is smart, quick thinking, and will tell you if something is wrong. Including basic obedience commands, Fury has all the traits to be a true Gryffindor- she’s patient, trustworthy and a true friend. While at a camping trip, Fury proved she can be trusted off leash. Initial greetings are still hard for her; thinking like the smart lady she is, who wants a complete stranger in their personal space?? Once she sees her foster brother relax, she relaxes too. But she’s still a little wary… he-who-must-not-be-named could be anywhere! With more training and love, FuriOsa will continue growing to be a magical mutt!

Foster Friday: Ruby

Jun 2018

Ruby is a longer term resident who would love a break from the shelter!

Interested in becoming a foster parent? Check out or call us at 208.788.4351

Breathe Easy!

Jun 2018

It’s time to breathe easy!

Did you know that a healthy shelter environment requires a minimum of 14 full fresh air exchanges per hour? The mechanical systems required to prevent the spread of disease when housing a large number of animals together is nuts – the 13 rooftop units are each the size of a Volkswagon Bug! This means the adoptable animals will be healthier and happier, while the humans enjoy a pleasant and non-stinky shelter experience. 🙂

Learn more about the new animal welfare and humane education campus by signing up for a digital tour and Q&A here:

Meet Dexter!

Jun 2018

Meet Dexter! She is a ridiculously cute, friendly, curious young cat. Like most cats, she has an independent streak, but loves getting and giving attention as well. Some family should come bust this lovely cat out of the shelter, as she will be an amazing family pet and a great addition to your home. Dexter can’t wait to meet you- don’t keep her waiting!

Another Successful Flight!

Jun 2018

We want to send out a big thank you to Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc. for making another incredible rescue flight happen! On Tuesday, Dog is My Copilot flew into Friedman Memorial Airport and dropped off a big crew of dogs from a shelter in New Mexico that was all out of space.

Keep your eyes peeled for these new dogs (including a few puppies) who will become available for adoption soon!

Happy Caturday!

Jun 2018

Happy Caturday! Here is a Happy Tails update from Floki (formerly Marcus), this one is from a while back but its too cute not to share!
“We thought it would take a week or two for him to get along with the dogs, but they are already great friends! They have even showed Floki where to stand in the kitchen to beg for a treat 🙂 Most of all he enjoys snuggling and never stops purring, but he also likes his cat perch on the window in view of the bird feeders as well as cushions by the fireplace.”