Animals & Kids Enjoy a Fun Afternoon!

Jun 2018

Last week we had sixty 3rd Grade students join us for a field trip at the Shelter! The afternoon was packed with learning about training dogs using positive reinforcement training and how to properly greet dogs, socializing with the adoptable cats, playing fun games, adding names to the “name board”, and finally – presenting their @WOWStudents check from their WOW project (they raised $1,500 for the Shelter!).

Thank you so much to the teachers, staff, and volunteers for helping it to all run smoothly, and @WOWStudents for making it possible!

Zeus goes to the Library!

May 2018

Zeus had a fun time this morning doing crafts with friends at the Hailey Public Library! His favorite part? Belly rubs and LOTS of attention from all of his new buddies that came to visit him 🙂

The Shelter is open until 4pm today, which means there is still time to come meet Zeus! This guy is a real gem – not only does he have super soft and snuggly fur, but he’s our go-to for any field trip/kid outing. If you’re looking for a family friendly pup – this is your guy (did we mention he also knows sit, lay down, paw, and he’s working on roll over)!

Your support helps animals & people!

May 2018

When folks think “animal shelter” often the image conjured up is simply that – a place to house animals until a permanent home is found.

Here at the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley, we’ve evolved into so much more than that – all because of the support and generosity of the amazing community we live in. Thanks to you, we’re on the road to changing how people view animal welfare entirely. Instead of just sheltering animals, we’re now going out into the community and providing those in need with resources. Our free spay/neuter program has cut the stray population in half. Humane education programs are teaching more kids than ever before about the joys and responsibilities of being a pet owner.

By meeting people where they are, fostering a culture of compassion, and providing resources where they are needed, we are taking on a whole new and wildly more effective perspective on animal welfare and what it means to be an animal shelter.

We’re not just sheltering animals anymore – we’re creating positive change within homes and neighborhoods to create stronger, happier, more humane communities for both people and pets.

Today, you can donate to the Shelter through Idaho Gives and help us qualify for additional prize funds – all to support the lifesaving programs we offer at the Shelter!

We just passed $5,500!

May 2018

We just passed the $5,500 mark on our #IdahoGives fundraising page – thank you! We could tell you all day how much we love you, but instead, we thought we’d show you…with more cowbell.

Big round of applause for our most recent donors, you all are amazing!:

Kelly Odell, Jo-Anne Dixon, Finnegan for the Win, Cyndy King, Gadie Edmunds & Dave Keir (& Jasper!), Albert Chu, Jamie Trevino, Anonymous, Anonymous, Lauren Baxter, Jenny and Finn Heekin, Anonymous, Bryce Kanowsky, Chad Hayward, Rhiana Mitchell, Kathy, Pamela Reichmann, The McCarty Party, Lillibet & Pem Mongeau, Cali & Rocket, Rosemary Talley, Cory Wolfley, Phyllils Odell, Anonymous, James Santa, Christine Avery, David McCarty, Samuel Christian, Betty Gray, Jane Dettwiler, Rebecca (& Shep!), Lindsay & Colin (& Atlas!), Mimi Crocker, Denise Smyth, Jannette Williams, Pita Vega, Darlin’s Mama, Tawni & Jamie (& Eli & Corey!), Manual Hurtado, Marjorie Smith, Shelly Forsling, Ingrid Klumpp, Mariann Pushker, Wendy Ysasi, Anonymous, Anonymous, David Burns, Anonymous, Heidi Mickelson, Anonymous, Jane Berkowitz, Marcee Graff, Doug King, Sally Hunt, Andrea Christensen, Jani Sutherland, Marcia Dibbs, Lupita Valles, Tawni Baker, Bard, Ada Commercial Cleaning, Amy Pugsley, Priscilla Pittiglio, Katherine Holman, Anonymous, Christine Ferguson, Anonymous, Roberta Bloom, Penny Coe, Helen Bonner, Anonymous, Angela Hicks (with Viv, Mickey, and Nellie), Sabine Muskari, Sandy Kling, David Guttman, Bekka Mongeau, Meghan Faherty, Brett & Emily (with Mjaldr, Pandora, and Thrall), Van Watkins, Rosemary Aquilante, Linda Keane, Elizabeth Mathieu, Anonymous, Nancy Mihalic, Joseph Begovich, Jan Main, and Anonymous!



Celebrate Mother’s Day!

Apr 2018


This Mother’s Day, celebrate all the Moms in your life. Whether your Mom is near or far, there are plenty of ways to say “thanks!”.

Do you have grand-dogs instead of grandkids? Is your partner the one who provides that all-important TLC to your pets, dresses them up for Halloween, makes sure they have a healthy lunch to take to doggie day care? Show your appreciation to those zany pet moms this Mother’s Day.

And to all the Moms who have raised these wonderful animal enthusiasts, we celebrate you!

Dogs in the Library!

Apr 2018

Bring your kiddos down to the Hailey Public Library and enjoy storytime with a furry friend tomorrow April 20th! Can’t make it? Come in Saturday May 5th and get crafty making mats for Shelter pets!

It’s time to raise Idaho up!

Mar 2018

Join us in the campaign to build a new animal welfare campus!

After 36 years of “making do,” the dream of a new animal welfare campus is just months away from becoming reality! Thanks to the incredible support from our community both near and far, the journey is underway. We need your support to finish creating this amazing place to celebrate pets and the people who love them. A place where folks can connect. A place where friendships are made and smiles are abundant. A place where animals get a second chance at life.

And a place that will transform Idaho into a state where no healthy, adoptable animal is euthanized for space.

We encourage you to check out the video below – it embodies the hope, drive, and passion that the Animal Shelter provides to the community. You can help to stretch the mission far and wide and help animals all over Idaho by supporting this vision:

Learn more about this exciting project here!

Remember to vote for Jo-Anne!

Feb 2018

Don’t forget to vote for our Executive Director/Medical Director, Jo-Anne Dixon, DVM, for the Wood River Valley’s Woman of the Year!
Voting is open until March 4th.
Click here to vote:
Jo-Anne left private practice as a veterinarian in 2006 to become the Shelter’s vet. Since then she has spayed/neutered more than 8,000 animals for both the community and adoptable pets.
Jo-Anne’s compassion, drive, and hope for a better future for both pets and people have steered the Animal Shelter into being a leader for animal welfare in our multi-state region. She works tirelessly to not only care for the animals at the Shelter, but to connect people with this cause and rally folks behind the Shelter’s mission. The Shelter wouldn’t be where it is today without Jo-Anne’s leadership.
From all of us who work with Jo-Anne day to day,
we hope you take a moment to vote for her. Thank you!