Spayed Female
Pit Bull Terrier
Est DOB 11/14
Size: Medium
Weight: 38 lbs
Wanna go for run? How about a hike? Looking for a partner who will get you out and about daily? Well, Rose is ready to be your partner in all those activities and any others! She is a fun, social and outgoing dog, and before she came to us, she was ran with a high school cross country team that would get shelter dogs out for runs. So, Rose is basically ready for a half marathon. And hopefully you are too! Rose is good with other dogs, but comes off a little strong at first. She’s just SO excited to meet them! And cats, well, she hasn’t learned that cats just really don’t want to be bothered, so a cat free home is a must. Rose really likes her food (I mean she burns a lot of calories in a day, so who can blame her) and we recommend a slow feeder for her when eating so she doesn’t get an upset stomach. Stop by to take Rose for a run, and maybe you’ll end up with a running buddy for life!