Spayed Female
Jack Russell Terrier/Australian Cattle Dog mix
Est DOB: 6/16
Size: Medium
Weight: 20 lbs
Don’t let your first encounter with Boca fool you. Sure, she may act like she’s a bit unsure and on the meek side, but once she realizes you’re here to see HER, she is going to let you see that she is the one to take home! She’s silly and affectionate and incredibly eager for someone to show her the way. She has a lovely personality- she just hasn’t had much of an opportunity to show it off yet! With a little confidence building and exposure to new things, we think she is going to make a confident and fun dog. She’d love to have another canine in the house and she isn’t opposed to sharing her new digs with a cat either. Once you meet her it’ll be hard to leave without her.