“When we first met Haiku I felt a little anxious because of all of the media hype around pitbull type dogs. After a slow intro (and some help from the shelter staff) with Miffle (our bichon) we decided to take Haiku home. It has been such a joy having her! Miffle had always been very shy around people and other dogs but Haiku’s outgoing personality showed Miffle it was safe, and then Miffle was in heaven. Miffle followed Haiku everywhere! Which came in handy when we were out on the trail because Miffle did not have the natural recall that Haiku did. They ran around and investigated everything together; Miffle was like a little white shadow for big, black Haiku.

A year later, we decided to foster another pitbull mix named Cupid. She was an exuberant little girl that played very well with both Haiku and Miffle. She fit in so well that we “foster-failed” and adopted her! Now Lucie (we changed her name) and Haiku cuddle up together every night for bed. Their favorite thing is to go for long walks in the canyons, but cozying up on the couch on rainy days is a close second! Since my husband is away a lot for work, these girls have been such a blessing. They have so much love to give! I have learned that a lot of pitbulls are really “love-a-bulls” that want to just play and cuddle all day long! I would encourage anyone to check out these great dogs!”

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