“We fell in love with our first pitbull 12 years ago when we found him at the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley. We had small kids at that time and when we brought him home the first thing he did was jump on the couch with our 9 year old daughter and promptly put his head in her lap. He fit in immediately! The Shelter called us a few months later asking if we wanted to see their newest pitbull resident. This pitbull was quite large and had a leg that was permanently turned out to the side. We adopted him on the spot. He, Otto, had the sweetest disposition and dispelled people’s fears about a pitbull as soon as they met him.
Since that time we have continued to adopt pitbulls and each experience has been incredible. The two we have now, Bailey and Huck, continue to prove what our family has learned about pitbulls. They are full of love, joy, and are sensitive to people’s feelings. Of the two we have now, Huck is the most sensitive. He is so in tune with people’s emotions and is the first to offer some form of comfort. Forgetting his size, he tries to get in your lap or get his legs around your neck for a hug. It is this type of behavior that we have found to be a pitbull’s true nature!”

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