“We adopted Clyde a few years ago because we absolutely loved everything about him. He was the sweetest, most loving, playful, outgoing, people-loving dog. We started bringing him to our store and people would ask, “Is he a pitbull?” We had never even considered the fact that we had just adopted a “scary” pitbull! All we knew is that he was the most awesome dog we had ever had in our lives. We started talking to other pittie owners and found that this was indicative of the breed. They are charmers. They are sweet, loyal, goofy and smart. They are easy to train. They love people. They love to cuddle. They have the absolute best smiles. They love to play and hike, but they are also very happy lazing out on the sofa for a movie marathon.

When Clyde decided he’d like a younger brother, of course we headed to the shelter and found Schmidt waiting for us. These two dogs have filled up our empty nest with their snuggles, their love and their kooky, colorful personalities.


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