Happy Tails Update from Artie’s Family!

“I saw Holly today and told her I would send a picture of my darling Artie to follow up with the ones she took of him.
I adore him!  He is so loving and is very popular with all my friends.  You may not know that he is a wonderful singer and we howl together.  He has performed for many of my friends, to their delight.  He still does not like me to leave him alone at home, but is much better in the car and lately perches himself atop his car crate to watch the world when I am out doing errands.  He sleeps on my bed each night.  We have made lots of good headway with his toilet habits – meaning we have not had an accident in the house for the last month.  Hurrah!
He has been groomed twice and his groomer loves him.  He did have to have 12 teeth taken out within the first two weeks of his life with me, but he feels much better after all that.
He loves to play with toys and we have a toy session at least twice a day. His favorite spot in the house is by the glass sliding door where he can survey his property.  He is fascinated with the squirrels in the yard. He gets walked three times a day – much because he does not want to use our yard as his pottie place.  Oh well.  Hopefully come winter he will change his mind.
Oh we took a trip to Redfish with friends two of whom were dogs.  We took a boat across the lake and then took a little hike.  He climbed the hills and rocks like a mountain goat.  He especially loved sitting at the base of trees or on a rock and watching the squirrels. He amazed me!
So here are some photos of the little man.  Hope you enjoy seeing them and the update!  He sends you his love and thanks you for looking out for him when he was at the WRAS!

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