We received this wonderful happy tail letter from Hailey, formerly Tessa, & are so excited to hear she’s doing amazing & loving her new life in Vermont.  Go Hailey! 🙂
To the staff and care givers at Wood River Valley,
Five months ago my humans visited Hailey on a ski vacation.  Needless to say, the skiing wasn’t very good so they spent much of their visit exploring town and taking walks in the Northridge neighborhood.  That’s where I first met them and my life began to change.  At the time, I was being fostered by Jan Burrell and she called me Tessa.  I loved being with Jan and she was teaching me all about living with a family, good manners and general puppy behavior.  My humans were very impressed with the progress I had made and they thought I would be a wonderful addition to their family.  Over the next week, they visited me at Jans house and took me for walks, rides in the car and play time.  I think I must have been really cute and well behaved because suddenly there was lots of talk about a place called Vermont………..
After a long airplane ride, I arrived at my forever home.  I love living here and exploring this new place.  I have 2 acres where I run free and play.  My humans gave me a special fence so I’m safe from the road in front of my house.  We go on walks everyday and I especially love the ones in the woods by the stream. My dad takes me for rides in his truck and I love my moms convertible!    My new name is Hailey in honor of the beautiful place where my family found me.  I am happy, healthy and thankful that I was being fostered by Jan when my family came to visit.  She did a WONDERFUL job getting me ready for adoption.
Thank you to all of my friends at Wood River.  I am grateful for the care and concern you had for me.  My new family feels very fortunate to have found me…..they tell me everyday!  Idaho would have been a good home but Vermont is AWESOME!

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