Happy Tail Update from Hailey’s (formerly Tamale) new Family!

Hi you all – here are 2 pictures for your wall. This is your Tamale – our Hailey – whom we adopted last February. At first she was a bit much in that she would run at everyone barking, but upon arriving at them, she would wag and want to greet. It was rather frightening for our family as well as her “victim”. With a lot of work, she has become pretty much a normal family member – only barking to alert us someone is coming and no longer running toward other people when we are outside. We do live in  the country and she is in 7th heaven chasing the rabbits and deer – of course she can’t catch either and returns from her “hunting trip” in very short time. I take her out every evening and morning to “do her thing” and she never wanders off ( except her very short “hunting trips”). If she is left outside by herself, she just lays by the door awaiting us to let her back into the house. She loves to travel – when she hears or sees me get a set of car keys, she is at the door immediately and if she goes, travels well. I have had to take her to work  at the drug store with me a number of times.  I take her bed and treats, take her out to poop and pee 3-4 times during the 9 hours we are there and she does just fine. I LOVE HER DEEPLY AND THE FEELING IS MUTUAL. When I leave the house she lays at the door til I return.she also loves to ride in our 4X4 John Deere tractor. When I get those keys from their peg in the garage, she runs and jumps either in the passenger seat or the tractor bed. Here are 2 pictures of she and I in the tractor. They were not posed – this is just her jumping in to accompany me with no encouragement from me. I’d have to push her out to keep her from going – which of course I never do. Thank you all for your help, suggestions, and most of all for Hailey. We are “best buddies”. She just came into my office and asked for dinner – which she does by sitting very quietly, looking directly at me and making little tiny woofing noises – so I gotta go.


P.S. I look a little “dopey” myself, but Hailey looks grand.